How to Save Up to 30% on Corporate Travel Costs with Beep Corporate

How to Save Up to 30% on Corporate Travel Costs with Beep Corporate

Corporate travel makes an integral part of our work culture. Corporate travel management solutions are on the verge of transformation. The outdated manual processes which were widely used are now rapidly paving the way for technology-driven automated processes. With incessant penetration of smartphones, the millennial workforce is getting acquainted with planning travel over a smartphone, right from booking cab rides to managing expenses, which is increasingly blurring the thin line between personal and business travel. This calls for organizations to adapt to the ever-evolving behavior of their millennial workforce.

Corporate Travel Challenges

Organizations have to deal with several hassles whether they book cab rides for their employees or whether their employees ask for reimbursements. Some of the most critical pain-points they face include:

  • Handling large volumes of paper-based invoices which further results in the slower reimbursement process
  • Hassles in coordinating with all the stakeholders involved in the process
  • Inflexible vendor packages
  • Forced payments for cab drivers idle time.
  • Falsified activities carried out by employees and vendors due to lack of transparency
  • Employee’s failure to submit reports in time
  • Hurdles in reconciliation and approval of expense reports
  • n-efficient travel compliance management with ride eligibility

These challenges present only one side of the coin. With corporate travel being an essential ingredient of the millennial work culture, organizations have taken several steps to ensure smoother business trips for their employees. Public transport becomes an annoyance when employees have to reach meetings and close business deals in time. To ensure employees do not miss crucial meetings, business deal closures, and reach work on time, corporates have made cab rides available by tying up with several cab vendors.

Employee Expectations from a Business Travel:

  • Cab Ride Availability during odd hours
  • Women Safety
  • Self-booking and pre-booking flexibility
  • The smooth expense management process
  • Hassle-free reimbursements
  • Easy access to invoices

So, how to choose the right corporate travel management solution that addresses the challenges of the corporates as well as the one that delivers exceptional employee experience? To combat these challenges, a need for one-stop corporate travel management becomes of utmost importance.

Why Implement Beep Corporate?

Addressing all of the corporate and employee concerns, Beep Corporate was brought into existence. Beep brings the availability, flexibility, transparency, safety, and automation all under a single umbrella. We aim at enriching the employee travel experiences while conserving their energies for other productive tasks.

  • Availability

Beep Corporate ensures constant availability of cab rides from the operators at all hours for a comfortable experience.

  • Flexibility

Beep Corporate empowers employees as well as organizations with self-booking and pre-booking flexibility at the tap of a button through mobile or web portal.

  • Automation

Beep Corporate is a digital solution automating the business travel process which caters features like e-invoicing, business travel process workflows on-demand bookings, and pre-booking facility.

  • Safety

The safety parameters that we take care of are, live cab ride tracking, access to emergency contacts, alert mechanism, authorized drivers, and contact details privacy.

  • Transparency

Ease of penetrating every cab ride taken, pick up and drop location tracking, ride distance calculation, and cost transparency allows in maintaining the business travel budget and preventing leakages.

Features Offered by Beep Corporate

Beep Corporate caters organizations with a digitized corporate travel management solution. With Beep Corporate, you can address diverse business requirements like:

  • Top-notch cab ride experience

With quality professional drivers, highly maintained cabs, and 24* 7 dedicated support, Beep ensures a superior cab ride experience.

  • Corporate Travel Expense Management

Beep empowers corporates to manage business travel expenses effortlessly by eliminating the dependency on manual processes.

  • Hassle-free cab bookings

Beep helps eliminate the hectic approval flow across departments, empowering corporates and employees the flexibility to directly book cab rides of their choice, at the time and place of their convenience with the tap of a button.

  • Effortless Reimbursements for Employees

Beep eliminates employees’ reliance on paper receipts by introducing digital settlements and e-invoices enabling a hassle-free expense reporting and reimbursement experience.

  • Safety

With authorized professional drivers and features like real-time ride tracking and emergency contacts, Beep ensures the safety of the employees traveling.

  • Employee Travel Experience

Offering employees with a seamless cab booking experience, professionally authorized cab drivers, and superior quality cabs, Beep delivers exceptional employee travel experience.

Presently, business travel is struggling with resolving challenges that the present technological landscape can help solve. The lack of transparency, flexibility, automation, availability, safety, millennial workforce demands – all these parameters can be quickly addressed by a sound corporate travel management solution.

Since Beep Corporate was designed to make every hassle about booking corporate travel more streamlined, travelers and corporates will have a better experience implementing it into their business travel workflow- as a result of which, organizations will benefit. Beep corporate empowers corporates with robust functionalities allowing them to reduce risk and stress for business travelers. Beep Corporate makes a powerful corporate travel management solution that frees time for strategic and analytical decisions.

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